Angel Miranda is world Highest-Paid Model

Angel Miranda is one of the world’s highest paid models, with an income of 7.2 million dollars. Her career was expected to decline after she ended the contract with David Jones and Victoria’s Secret. But the reality came out to be exactly opposite. She jumped from the 7th place in the world’s highest paid models to the second place in just one year.

Formerly she was the Victoria’s secret angel, which she became in 2007 replacing Gisele Bundchen. Her career was going quite good but then suddenly she decided to end the contract. Modeling is not the only source of income for Miranda Kerr. She also owns the cosmetic line of Kora Organics, which is a big source of income for her.

It’s been 7 years since Forbes Magazine is printing out the list of world’s highest paid models. For the consecutive last seven years Gisele Bundchen is at the top of this list. Her earnings fell down a bit this year and despite of the decline of 3 billion she is still at the top of the list. With a total earning of 42 million dollars she is earning 7 times more than her second competitor. She had a baby this year, but even this doesn’t made enough difference to lower her rank from the first position.

One thing that is common in all these highly paid super models is that they all have a very good business sense. When Miranda Kerr decided to end her career as a Victoria’s secret model, many were of the point of view that this year she will not be in the list of Forbes world’s highest paid supermodels. But it was amazing to see how she secured the second place beating her competitors like Adriana Lima and Kate Moss. This year her earnings are coming from the contractors like Qantas and Mangos.

Modeling can become a highly paying profession and we have really good examples to support our words. This profession not only gives you money but also fame. If you are a supermodel, people start believing that there is no one prettier than you in the whole world. You get whatever you want i.e. money fame and respect. Another good thing about being a model is that you have enough time to start and run a good side business. Once you are a supermodel then people will surely buy your product because of your fame. That is why most of the world’s highest paid super models have side businesses like cosmetics etc.

Miranda Kerr has become a role model for many. Her progress from seventh to second place has shocked many. In 2013 when the super model like Gisele Bundchen faced a little decline, Miranda Kerr has been able to raise her income enough to shock the whole world. In short Miranda Kerr has proved herself to be the best model of 2013. Although she has not won the first place but she has won the heart of many.


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