Kesha Style and Latest Updates

 Kesha (born March 1, 1987), a very famous American singer and song writer has now days gained very much fame because of her unique and eye-catching style and looks. Her gorgeous and different style forces a lot of young girls to look up to her as an icon in styling and compels them to adapt to her new styles. She herself calls her style as “garbage-chic” to show its uniqueness among the rest.

Kesha mostly likes to have dirty and dramatic looks; her different choice could sometimes makes you think what this style is! , but Kesha totally deserves the credit for her fearlessness in adapting to totally different & unique styles among the whole Hollywood industry right now.
Kesha’s incomparable style has made her very popular in a lot of aspects in the world of fashion. Her each unique style comprises from different hair styles, shoes styles, clothes style, jewelry, make-up (eye brow, nail polish, lipstick etc) and sometimes even hats, sunglasses and watches too.
Let’s look at each of these aspects individually and their latest trends and updates:

Hair style:

Kesha mostly loves to have hair styles like bedhead curls which are mildly scrunching and this style add uniqueness to her looks.
Some of her famous and latest hair styles include:
Long wavy cut of different styles
Pony tail
Simple long straight cut
Long straight cut with bangs
Long curls of different kinds
Side sweep


When it comes to make-up Kesha mostly likes to have an extended cat-eye liner around eye top to get this style its own uniqueness and creativity. Different styles and colors of lipstick also add a specialty in her eye-catching style. She also uses unique styles of nail polishes to make her looks more charming.
Some of her make-up style updates include:
Smoky Eyes
Neutral eye shadow
Nude lipstick
Berry lipstick
Pink lipstick
False eye-lashes
Neutral nail polish
Bright nail polish
Minx nails

Style & Outfits:

Her unique clothes style and outfits has helped him in earning the label of “garbage-chic”. Her style always looks dramatic and messy. She mostly uses with her outfits. a rock and roll vibe.
When it comes down to her hosiery, she loves to wear ripped, textured, lace and other types of tights. These tights sometimes become the most eye-catching part of her wardrobe. Kesha’s wardrobe also comprise of
Some of her wardrobe styles include:
Cocktail dresses
Beaded dresses
Evening dresses
Sequined jacket
Bomber jacket
Button down shirt
Print blouses
Corset top
T-shirt with graphics
Wide leg pants
Skinny paints

Kesha Shoes collection:

Kesha’s style gets it perfection by wearing different styles of shoes. She likes to wear variety of styles when it comes to shoes which include heels, sandals and boots, mostly chosen upon matching with her outfit and make-up.
Some of her different and updated styles include;
Platform sandals
Strappy sandals
Pumps type heels
Combat boots
Lace up boots
Cow boy boots
Ankle boots
Knee high boots
Studded sandals


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