League of Legends hacked Complete Review

 League of legends is an online game. It is one of the most played games online and is famous all around the word. The league of legends is made by Riot Games and this game is gaining more and more popularity every day. Recently there was a news of security breach in the online system of league of legends. Some Hacker hacked into the system of league of legends and hacked the first name, second name and email addresses of the users. Most of the data was about the North American users and nearly 120,000 users were affected by it.

Riot Games, in an online blog, stated that password files were unreadable. But even if the hacker doesn’t have the passwords of the users, he can try making different guesses with the usernames. So the users with easily guessable passwords are Vulnerable to account theft. As a general rule you should never use an easily guessable password at any place. Your account at any place contains a lot of personal information of yours. So you should always use a complex password that contains alphabets, numbers, special characters and uppercase and lowercase characters.

Riot games also stated the salted passwords and salted bank account numbers were also accessed by the hacker. But these were old files from 2011 so users don’t need to worry about that. This was the 2 years old data and don’t make a lot of difference.

Riot games is contacting its customers by email and are trying to boost up there confidence about league of legends and are assuring them that their data is safe. They have also taken the necessary steps to save the users data. Every user is being prompted to change his/her password on login. Also some changes are being made in the policy of changing passwords or usernames. You need to confirm your identity through mobile or through some other source before you can change your password.

In spite of the cyber-attack on the league of legends there has been no effect on the popularity of riot games or league of legends. In fact they have gained more publicity and coverage. Some people are of the point of view that this was a trick played by riot games to gain more popularity. People are saying that they haven’t seen even one case where a person was affected by this security breach. Which surely means that there was no security breach. Riot games is just trying to get more users by playing this publicity stunt.

People are saying that there was a large amount of people who didn’t even know that the manufacturer of league of legends is riot games. But after this hacking news all around, every single person knows that League of Legends is a project of riot games. In this way they have gained more popularity.

We have nothing to do with either this news was true or false. All we need to know is that we need to make our accounts safer by using strong passwords and other security options that are provided.


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