PS4 release date-Big news of game lovers

PlayStation 4 is the ultimate gaming console. Both Sony and Microsoft announced their products at E3. PlayStation 4 from the Sony side and Xbox 1 from the Microsoft side. But the gamers were happier with the PS 4 and this was all because of the Microsoft’s E3 presentation. Microsoft said that their console will not run old or rented games and will require a permanent internet connection. On the other hand Sony said that you can don’t need a permanent internet connection with a PS4. You can use it offline and you can also use rented and old games. The result of these two statements was that the gamers returned from E3 with a view that Microsoft has nothing to do with its customer’s satisfaction and they only wanted to sell their products. One other plus point of PS4 as compared to Xbox 1 is that it’s cheaper by 50 or 100 dollars.

Talking about the release dates, neither Microsoft nor Sony announced the release dates of their products. But as these products were long awaited, people started guessing the release date from their statements. Some people are saying that Hirai had said that the PS4 will be released 10 years after the PS3 release date. In simple words if PS3 was released in 2006 than PS4 will come to market in 2016. However when you carefully listen to what Hirai actually said was that PS3 will give you good 10 years of gaming. You can understand his words by taking the example of PS1 it was released in 1994 and it completed its 1 million copies in 2005. Which show good 10 years of gaming with PS1. But what you are forgetting is that PS2 was released in 2000. This shows that for PS3 to give you good ten years of gaming, it does not require PS4 to be released in 2016.

Some people are expecting PS4 to be released in 2013. They claim that Sony first announced about PS3 in 2005 and then they released it product in 2006. They are expecting the same to happen with PS4. Sony announced about PS4 in E3 2012, so it should be out by 2013. However once again it’s just a guess. Hirai clarified that they want their customers to be happy with their products. If they release a new version in just 5 years then all the investment that their customers made in their previous product will be in vain. That is why they wait for a long time before releasing their new product.

He said that the history has proved that we design our devices in such a way that they do not go old at least for 10 years. PlayStation 1 did a good business for 10 years and that is what he is expecting with the PS3 console. i.e. PS3 will do a good business for at least 10 years. These statements of him had nothing to do with the release date of PS4.

Sony has not announced the release date yet. All the dates that are going viral on the internet are just rumors.


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