Top fact of Apple’s company

Apple Incorporation is one of the pioneering consumer technological companies like iPhones, or personal computers etc. The company itself devises these products and has developed great expertise in it. Their head office is situated in California. The eminent personality behind Apple was Steve Jobs who is considered to be one of the famous innovators of all time. His capability of thinking out of the box has made Apple to be the number one selling brand in the world.

Founders of Apple Company

Most of the people only identify that Late Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple but it is not correct because three friends named as Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs had started Apple Company in 1976. They all mutually worked at Atari. The founders named their company as Apple Computer because they started this company only for dealing with computers. After receiving fine response for their iPhone product, they worked on it more and made this product even better which added a new streamline to their company besides just dealing in top quality computers.

Some Interesting facts about Apple Incorporation

The main campus of Apple Inc. is in Cupertino, which is in the area of 850,000 square feet and built in the 1993. Apple first started its online store in November 10, 1997. Apple’s logo has been changed three times till now. At first, during the establishment of this company, when they needed money to increase capital in Apple Inc. Steve Jobs sold own Volkswagen Car.

Apple is on the 3rd After the Petro China to be known as the biggest public traded company. Steve Jobs married with Laurene Powell at the Ahwahnee Hotel in 18th march. Apple invented iPhone by chance and they never planned to develop it. Apple is in top largest company but still its officers are in the smallest of fortune 500. Apple invented the Mouse as well as Track Pad. Apple is not only specializes in electronic part but in software’s also. The share value of Apple increased to $ 264 from 8 $ per share only in 9 years. From 2001, it reaches up to the 272 $ in 2010. Apple specially prepares phony projects to test confidence and trust of their employees. If they find any project leaked, that employee will be fired on the spot. 

A product whose sale records exceeded all the other records was their computer Apple IIe who was in demand for more than 11 years. The job interview process at Apple is 9 months long. Apple gets maximum returns from the old products like iPhone, iPods etc. Apple crossed the sale of 40 million iPhones in 2009, which means they produced one iPhone per sec. The largest Apple retail store is on an area of 25,000 square meters on Regent Street in London while the smallest is about 540 square feet in Santa Rosa Plaza in California. Apple accepts job applications of only 2 %. It means if the company got job applications of 2000, the maximum chance of selection is only 20 people. Apple never pays for the product placement in any movie.

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